Instead of your normal static FAQS page we have decided to run our FAQS as a combination blog. We will date each addition for those that do not wish to read over the same material. If you have a question and would like it answered then please email: info@desertdefense.com.

Postings on April 9, 2019

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Postings on 8/23/15

We have had the same prices for several years now and unfortunately due to the increasing cost of the high-quality non-Chinese sourced components that we use, there has been a slight price increase across the board. Likewise shipping costs have gone up slightly. What has not changed is that we continue to commit to providing the highest-quality pet supplement on the market.

Postings on 12/18/12:

Q: My dog has Valley Fever and my vet is recommending fluconazole. Is it safe to use your product?

A: First always check with your veterinarian before introducing any supplementation in combination with a drug program. We did develop Desert Defense to be used in conjunction with fluconazole. In some cases it seems that it might greatly enhance the absorption of the drug. WE still always recommend a very slow loading period at small amounts to ensure no adverse reactions. We have had numerous reports from veterinarians and pet owners that the addition of Desert Defense vastly improved symptoms and titers.

Q: Does Desert Defense prevent Valley Fever?

A: We developed this product as support for dogs with active cases of Valley Fever. It is virtually impossible for us to determine if it actually prevents Valley Fever. Why? Because none of the experts have ever determined why some dogs get Valley Fever and other dogs do not. WE might end up doing a study on 20 dogs that just are not predisposed to Valley Fever and then give false results. What we are trying to do is provide your dog as many tools as possible to keep a strong, sound immune system. Your dog holds the keys.

Q: Should I use Sensitive or the Original formula for my dog?

A: Initially we had one formula. However, it did not take us long to realize that truly even with supplementation “one size does not fit all” and thus we introduced Sensitive and Basic. What happened then is that people became confused about what was the best fit. Now, here we must repeat that Desert Defense is not a drug or treatment program approved by the FDA for Valley Fever. But the proof is in the pudding. It just gets the job done. So the best recommendation is that if your dog is “sick” with Valley Fever please use the Original formula with your Veterinarian’s approval. If your dogs are exposed and carrying a titer then please use either Sensitive (now called Yeast, Fungal & Mold Support) or our new SuperBo/Basic formulas.

Q: I have lived here with my dogs for years and have never had a problem with Valley Fever. What product do you recommend?

A: We feel that based on existing evidence published in peer-reviewed medical journals that most people and animals that have lived here or were born and raised here have almost a natural immunity to Valley Fever. What tends to happen is that an “event” will happen, be it stress, be it another sickness, the use of immune suppressing drugs or vaccinations and then the cocci organism flourishes. WE would recommend our new SuperBo Wellness formula as the ongoing daily support that will help your dog handle these ‘events” much easier. That is still not a guarantee but we think this new formula is absolutely a break through in approaching immune health.

Postings 2/6/13:

WE just finished remodeling Sensitive and it’s now called Yeast, Fungal & Mold Support or YFM. WE have had numerous people ask if our formulas are appropriate for other related issues such as yeast problems and the answer is YES! We really worked hard to upgrade the Sensitive formulary. YFM now contains all organic botanicals, the highest quality MSM available and a grapefruit seed extract that is standardized to have 40% flavonoids. This same GSE has been tested for triclosan, benzethonium residues and certain other toxic chemicals and is free of them.

Postings 2/7/13

I had a conversation yesterday with someone that sells a high quality raw pet food. It’s very interesting because he was trying to explain why their product was so expensive for the freeze-dried version. Of course we understand because we use as many freeze-dried components as possible. It’s the best way to preserve the “actives” meaning the active phytonutrient/phytochemical components. The cranberry and blueberry are freeze-dried for instance. The actives in these berries have actually been proven to have cancer fighting abilities and we have been applying that same concept in the battle against yeast and fungal organisms. SuperBo contains the berries and YFM contains the Grapefruit seed with 40% hesperidin. GSE is not freeze-dried it is standardized. So look at it this way, SuperBo is has one level of yeast and fungal fighting ability and then YFM has a stepped up level. Original then has the highest level.

Why do we have different levels? Because you never want to over do the attack. Organisms have a way of rearing their ugly head and adjusting to the attack. You want the host, your dog, to handle exposures properly the way dogs were designed to do. Therefore when you use SuperBo you are supporting this activity by giving the baseline tools. Once you start moving up our product line you start increasing the gradient of attack. Please don’t confuse this with a dog that is clinically sick and your vet needs to use antibiotics or anti-fungal medications. That is a whole different discussion. This is more to help you understand why sometimes it is not good to have your healthy pet living on too much supplementation as a daily regime and how to best use our products. – Jane