Desert Defense for dogs

Desert Defense provides nutritional support for dogs living in the Desert Southwest. DD was first created in 2008 as a targeted support for dogs exposed to or experiencing active or latent infections from a fungal pathogen in the desert called “Cocci” or Valley Fever. Desert Defense supplements have been helping pets exposed to the ravages of climate change and desert conditions for over 15 years. Throughout this time our products have been clinically tested and shown over and over again to support dogs in a variety of health challenges from these conditions.

Last year the FDA contacted us and said that we could no longer discuss Valley Fever with our products leaving a giant void in how we educate and direct our pet parents. We explained that there was nothing out there that has been developed and tested like DD to help pets that live in the desert southwest.

Because misdiagnosis and the wrong treatment protocol is the #1 reason for entrenched infections, we have always felt a need to empower educated pet parents. We personally are tired of pets suffering the way they do and people spending small fortunes on pet care. That is not the way to coexist with a pet. Knowlege is power and having effective tools is even more power. To date there is still nothing else out there, including a vaccine, for pets.

The letter from the FDA is posted online for those that would like to read it. We pondered who would report us and can only conclude that our tremendous success and positive feedback from veterinarians and pet parents with their success stories, might be stepping on some toes. In fact, it seems that many companies promote their unvalidated Valley Fever products without any issue.

Numerous published, peer-reviewed articles are indicating that Valley Fever could be nutritionally fueled, which our complex bolus of ingredients appears to resolve in many cases. More research needs to be done on a broad scale and not just the limited viewpoint that is currently shared by those that profit the most. For more information, please visit the PSA page.

PLEASE NOTE: The FDA required disclaimer -Products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.

There is an elephant in the room if you live in the Desert Southwest.