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DISCLAIMER: Please read this before ordering if you intend to use our product for anything but your own personal pet. Desert Defense is a protected proprietary blend. It is intended for use only in personal pets. It is not approved or allowed to be used in any laboratory setting, for research of any kind, reverse engineered, or used in any setting in which the ingredient ratios may be determined. Any use of this product except for administration by the person that is ordering to their own personal pets is expressly forbidden unless approved.  Ordering for someone else, transferring product or ordering under an assumed name is expressly forbidden. Violations of this will be pursued to the full extent of the law.  We have the right to refuse orders. Thank you.

Here is a short guide on how to use our products:
Level 1: Original – this is for dogs with active Valley Fever infections and can be used for preventative support but we prefer Level 2 for that. You may use this product with drugs with your vet’s approval and also as support to minimize the relapse cycle as your dog goes off drugs. You may use this for maintenance as well if you feel that this is the best formula for your dog.
Level 2: Yeast, Fungal & Mold Support – this is for preventive support, mild to moderate cases of Valley Fever and intact canines. If you are visiting Arizona use this for support at lower doses for protection.
Level 3: SuperBotanical Wellness – this is for dogs that are mature and have lived in the prime Valley Fever conditions without issue for years and senior pets. It is very mild.

Desert Defense Original Formula $59.95 plus shipping 157 gm 5.5 oz                                                                                                                    Green label. This is our Original formula slightly modified to include organic botanicals and colostrum. This formula is most appropriate for dogs that are sick and have lethargy as one of the issues. DD Original is our strongest formula. DD Original has been clinically tested and has been proven to reduce titers and symptoms in dogs suffering from Valley Fever. Please check with your veterinarian first before combining this product with an Rx drug program. Also contains curcumin 97% extract, quercetin 95%, digestive enzymes, 5 billion CFU per serving probiotics plus a full complement of vitamins and minerals.

Desert Defense Original Formula LARGE SIZE $99.95 plus shipping 314gm 11 oz

Yeast, Fungal & Mold Support $54.95 plus shipping (replaces Sensitive Formula) 157 gm 5.5 oz
Blue label. WE took our Original Formula and modified it based upon the performance capacity of the components to bring you an ultra broad spectrum, yet gentle, attack against the yeast, fungal and mold family of organisms. YFM may be used in place of the Original formula. YFM does not have thyroid glandular. It does have all organic botanicals. YFM contains a grapefruit seed extract that is the highest quality GSE we could find. It is standardized to 40% flavonoids and tested for triclosan and benzethonium chloride. YFM also contains OptiMSM which is the only G.R.A.S. MSM for humans. Please compare these components to any other GSE or MSM offered for animals on the market.

SuperBo Wellness Formula $49.95 plus shipping (Replaces Basic Formula 3) 125 gm 4.4 oz
Purple bottle. A “Supurb” organic formula that is able to perform a number of functions. Over 100 trace minerals, enzymes, vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals and pre & probiotics. Supports: Weight management, joint health, immune system, energy levels, antifungal activity, allergy defense, digestion and over-all well-being.